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SciTE Lua Scripting Extension

I have been working to revive the SciTE Lua Scripting Extension, and also to implement the multiplexer that was conceived in the documentation for the SciTE Extension Interface so that FilerX support would not be broken when Lua support was added. This is currently working on Win32 and Linux, although I haven't done any testing on Linux myself.

This work is now included in official releases of SciTE.

Documentation Updates

The documentation for the last official release is published here.

There may have been documentation updates checked into CVS, but not yet published. You can access the CVS HEAD documentation here.

There may also be changes published in a source code snapshot, but not yet checked into CVS. Usually these are documented first in the change log.

Development Snapshots

Updates might be found here. There might also be changes here that are not Lua related: this includes "any" changes that are found in my local SciTE / Scintilla source tree. These are published in a format that's convenient for me to publish, so that I can do so frequently. In some ways it would be easier to run this as a CVS branch, but we aren't doing that.

I recognize that it would be more convenient for some users if I published complete files instead of unified diffs. I also recognize that it would be nice if I could include the date in the filename. There are technical and logistical reasons why I am not doing either of those things. Sorry. Anyway, please enjoy the free software.

If you are on Linux / UNIX, the patch file has the wrong line endings, so you'll need to convert it with a dos2unix utility, or else extract it with "unzip -a".