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Sunday, July 12, 2009

  10:18 PM - SciTE Setup Restored
The setup wizard for SciTE is once again available for download. Sorry for the inconvenience. My environment is still not fully set up yet (e.g. not just in terms of computer but also in life, e.g. still waiting for furniture), but I intend to post an update in August - either based on SciTE 1.79 or 1.80 depending on timing.

I am also looking for a new long-term home for the files, as I am having trouble getting a webspace set up with my new ISP and decided not to depend on them after all. Currently the setup wizard is hosted together with the web pages on Tripod, but space and bandwidth are both constrained and this has been a problem in the past. It should be OK on a provisional basis, though.
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