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Saturday, March 01, 2008

  7:40 PM - SciTE Setup updated to 1.75 (really)
After a long hiatus I've found time to make an update to my setup wizard for the
Scintilla Text Editor.

Please test this and let me know where the problems are; it is a custom build and
I may be a bit rusty since this is my first public release that uses Lua 5.1
(merging the official code from recent offial releases with the bits I had worked
on previously), and I was more than a year out of date so there were quite a few
conflicts to resolve when I finally got around to the big ol' CVS update.

Truth be told, I wanted to get one release out the door before SciTE 1.76 comes out, just for practice - and today was a good day for it due to a snowstorm.

You can pick up the latest release, or (as always) a selection of older known-to-be-stable releases, from here.
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