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Monday, September 12, 2005

  8:21 PM - Reformat
There has been a movement inside of ESRI to publish more of what goes on internally, through developer blogs. David Maguire has one. Another interesting one is by Brian Goldin. Other notable ESRI bloggers include Andrea Rosso, Keyur Shah, and Art Hadad. I'm sure there are others that I haven't explored yet.

Anyway, my point: with the launch of ESRI Developer Network and all of these blogs, maybe it's time to start giving the "blog" portion of my site more of an ESRI focus. Not to the exclusion of the many interesting open source projects that I've played with after hours, but as something else that's in scope for this site.

We'll see how it goes. It should be good. Truth be told, the projects that fill my days are often a lot of fun. If nothing else, lately they tend to be more eventful than my after-hours tinkering. So perhaps this will lead to a reinvigorated website.
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