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Tuesday, September 27, 2005

  7:38 PM - Google Adsense and Blogger
The week before last I posted an article on Boo, a Python-inspired language for the .NET framework. I mentioned how Boo's support for late binding can make it simple to access the ArcGIS geoprocessing framework from that other framework, .NET.

Interestingly, this evening I was reading the Boo FAQ when I noticed the Google ads at the right. One of the ads was for a consulting firm, advertising themselves as available to write geoprocessing scripts for ArcGIS.

Yet, if I google for "Boo" and "ArcGIS", I can't find anyone else mentioning them in the same breath. Not even my own post comes up for that search, come to think of it. So how can this be? Surely, Google is quite good at finding relationships between things, but how did they make this connection, if not through my blog post? Of course I understand that search engines can be manipulated, but surely, one solitary innocuous posting would not be enough to tip the scales.

Let me bring it back to more comfortable territory before I close out. Thinking about Google's adeptness at finding obscure connections, and the company's fundamental drive to do it better and better, it's easy to understand their newly awakened interest in geographic data. Geography is, after all, the ubiquitous, intuitive, unstated link that connects so many disparate things in this world. Google's challenge, like ESRI's, is to make those links explicit in ways that make sense to their users.
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