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Tuesday, June 29, 2004

  4:54 PM - AVPython 1.2.6 and Python setup for 2.3.4 / Pywin32 201.1
Two new releases in the AVPython project this week:

1) AVPython 1.2.6 is a maintenance release that supercedes AVPython 1.2e. It fixes a stability problem with the combination of AVPython 1.2e, Python 2.3, and Windows XP. The problem is not known to occur with other software combinations, e.g. Python 2.2 and Windows 2000, but if you experience unexpected crashes when closing down ArcView 3.x projects that are extended with AVPython, try upgrading and see if that solves it.

2) Python 2.3.4 and Pywin32 201.1 are packaged together in a single installer with no encumbrances on redistribution (other than the normal license terms for Python and Pywin32, of course). This is for the convenince of those packaging and deploying AVPython based applications.

The Python / Pywin32 installer may also be useful to ArcGIS 9 users who wish to upgrade their scripting engine to the latest and greatest in one step. (Caveat: the release ESRI shipped with the software is the one they are using in house, so even though it is a year or two out of date, it is probably better supported by ESRI than newer versions.)

Of course, non-ESRI users are also free to use the combined setup wizard for whatever purpose they see fit.

Both AVPython and the Python / Win32 combined setup wizard are available from the AVPython Project at SourceForge.
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