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Monday, November 15, 2004

  7:05 PM - 99 bottles of beer on the ... floor :-/
At last, the time came to bottle the nice red ale I have had percolating for the past two or three weeks. A premium brew, nothing but the best ingredients.

Ah yes, bottling night. The arduous work of washing and sanitizing all those bottles, but with that wonderful payoff of watching the beer flow.

But it was not to be. I washed 54 bottles all in one go, and set them to dry on my bottle tree. That's as many as it can hold. Usually I don't wash that many at once, but I was on a roll.

Then I sat down to relax and watch TV while they dry, before washing the last dozen bottles that I would need. I would fill the first 54 while the last dozen dried.

An hour later, bottles completely out of mind and almost dry, I hear a huge "CRASH!" from downstairs.

It was then I realized I had not moved the bottle tree to the floor. It was up on a ledge, and apparently not as stable as I thought. I had thought about moving it but it slipped my mind. And that, obviously, was not the only place it slipped from.

Where once there were 54 bottles, painstakenly cleaned and ready to be filled, now, alas, there was a huge pile of broken bottles and glass shards!

From the rubble I managed to salvage just 23 bottles. My beautiful collection is decimated and my ale, though ready for bottling, has nowhere to go!

This is indeed a sad day for all concerned.
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