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Thursday, February 19, 2004

  7:34 PM
SciTE Lua Extension source code snapshot has been updated to be brought back in line with the CVS HEAD from Feb 19 in the afternoon. This corresponds roughly to 1.59.

I have not published an installer for 1.59 yet, and do not plan to until the weekend. When I do publish it, it'll probably be with Neil's official build, i.e. without the Lua stuff. Then what I'll do is start putting a binary of SciTE.exe in the snapshot for the Lua extension, for those who aren't set up with a compiler but still want to use Lua.

The reason for the change is that, now that Lua is closer to getting accepted as part of the official SciTE, the snapshots need to track CVS rather than being locked down to 1.59.
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