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Wednesday, December 17, 2003

  10:48 PM
SciTE - Scintilla Text Editor installer update:

I reverted to the Lua 3.2 code base for awhile this evening so that I could update my setup wizard with the more recent work that includes support for the iface functions and constants e.g. editor:GetWrapMode(). This is much more stable than the Lua 5.0 version, and almost as cool. (Maybe cooler if you don't like segfaults.)

The updated setup wizard also restores the old behavior of presenting the option to install the context menu handler, even if it is already installed (in case you want to upgrade, or if the previous installation has been corrupted).

The file size crept above the size of a floppy, so I dropped the cpp.api to make it more compact.

This update is not suitable for upgrading previous versions; if you have an older version of my setup installed (even an older version of scite-1.57-setup), it should be uninstalled using Add/Remove Programs before installing this version.
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Sunday, December 14, 2003

  8:24 PM
SciTE Lua Extension - progress continues. Most of the functions and all of the constants defined in Scintilla.iface are now exported to Lua.

I am keeping a current snapshot of the work in progress on here, but only in source code form. To use it, you also need the extlua module from CVS (
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Tuesday, December 09, 2003

  6:11 PM
In response to a request on the mailing list, I have posted the documentation and current source code for the SciTE Lua Extension, so that people running Linux can begin to test it.
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Monday, December 08, 2003

  3:10 PM
I just got back from a very nice vacation, and I see that the SciTE 1.57 release did happen, as expected, while I was away. I've updated my installer to use the official build of SciTE, but have left in the option for Lua scripting (which is still beta and is not yet in CVS), like in the previous beta build from November 20.

If you choose to enable Lua scripting, bear in mind that you will no longer be using the official build of SciTE. However, Neil Hodgson has said he plans to include a scripting language in a future release, and that it will probably be Lua (partly due to its small footprint).

See my SciTE page for more info, or to download.
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