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Tuesday, May 13, 2003

  9:35 AM
My Tomcat-Jikes installation procedure is updated. The "remove service" option became broken when I added the ArcIMS 4.0.1 support. I spotted this while doing some testing with Tomcat 4.1.24, but I applied the correction to my 3.2.4 package. (With the package that had been on the web site for the past month or so, you can still remove the service with the following command: C:\Tomcat\TomcatService -uninstall Tomcat.)

Incidentally, for Tomcat 4.x, I have found that there are more dependencies on the JDK, so it may not be worth the effort to upgrade my installation procedure. If you need Tomcat 4.x, just use the installer from the Apache Tomcat web site with the full JDK, and optionally configure the servlet engine to use Jikes.
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Saturday, May 10, 2003

  2:32 PM
NTXShape 1.4a beta is released! The main new features are support for 3D lines, and an updated GUI for ArcGIS.
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Saturday, May 03, 2003

  5:13 PM
NTXShape: Support for a new output type, LINEZ, is checked in to CVS. The LINEZ output option enables lines to be coverted to a 3D shapefile so that per-vertex elevations are preserved.
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