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Thursday, April 17, 2003

  8:24 PM
My SciTE installation package is updated to 1.52.
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Saturday, April 05, 2003

  12:24 PM
Blogger's archive feature has a bug, which has prevented my archive from regenerating since April 3. That's why the permalinks for April don't work. The permalinks for March work because I manually created the archive page. Ho hum. I sure don't plan on doing that every month, let alone after every post. Sidebar: I'm not going to spend any time on cgiComments until this Blogger bug is resolved, because my other option is to switch to some other tool like MovableType, and who knows - the tool I choose might already have a good comments interface.
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  11:51 AM
SHPTRANS 1.1c is released, as promised. The main technical changes compared to 1.1c include:
  • Command line support for map units other than meters.
  • ArcView 3 extension updated to support non-standard false offsets and map units.
  • The "arbitrary TM" option now works.
In addition, since the last prerelease, the license has been updated, and should now be fully GPL-compatible.
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Thursday, April 03, 2003

  8:05 PM
I want to thank Andre Burgaud for officially opening the source code of his SciTE context menu handler. The binary is included in my SciTE installer; the source is available from
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  7:49 PM
Thinking aboug cgiComments, it occurred to me that I've never mentioned Spinner Wiki, the online collaborative forum software that I developed a few years ago. (Not from scratch, of course!) Check it out if you're interested in that sort of thing.
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Wednesday, April 02, 2003

  10:39 PM
I tried to implement cgiComments on here. At first it looked promising, but there are restrictions on Tripod that prevent it from working - you can't write to a file unless the path is hardcoded; and eval is similarly restricted. So I will have to make some deep changes, in order to get something like cgiComments that works on Tripod. ("Deep changes" are all relative - cgiComments is not that complicated, so even a complete rewrite would be pretty shallow. Even so, I will probably still base it on cgiComments - some parts of the wheel do not need to be reinvented.)
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  11:38 AM
There has been some recent interest in porting AVPython to UNIX, using RPC. If you are interested and able to help with this effort, please visit the AVPython developer's forum.
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  11:18 AM
Back in December I sent my license for SHPTRANS to the Free Software Foundation to see whether it was GPL-compatible. I just got their reply yesterday: "While your formulation of condition 3 causes much less problems in practice than the original BSD license, it still demands the same kind of thing that made the original BSD license not GPL compatible." They couldn't give a definitive answer whether it would be GPL compatible or not. I was looking for a definitive "yes", because I do want to be certain that people can use my software in GPL'd works (as well as non-GPL'd works).

Two choices that I am considering to resolve this:
  1. Revise my license, making it GPL compatible. This is not too difficult. FSF was kind enough to provide a few tips.
  2. Drop my license, and replace it with dual AFL/GPL. I do like the AFL, except that it is not compatible with the GPL. Other than that, it covers all of the bases that I care about. If the AFL 1.2 had existed last summer, I think I would have done this for the initial open source release of SHPTRANS.
Either way, it means 1.1c (still on track to be released this weekend) will not have the same license as the prerelease.
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