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Wednesday, October 01, 2003

  7:43 PM
My lights are back on! They came on shortly before 11:00pm, after about 71 hours. Considering the circumstances: way to go NS Power!

When I drove home this evening, I saw them working around the substation which is just a little ways upstream from me. That was when I first realized that I might get my power back before the weekend after all. But I kept myself braced for a few more days of cold showers and groping around in the dark, just in case.

I'm lucky to be so close to a substation, even if the feeder I'm on is almost entirely residential (and therefore of relatively low priority). Some people I have talked to are surrounded by buildings with electricity on all sides, but they still have none themselves. That must be especially frustrating. In many cases, what has happened there may be that they live on a side-street which the repair crews sectionalized while re-energizing the main lines. Crews will eventually come back to inspect and reconnect the side streets, but the main lines would be given priority.
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