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Wednesday, October 01, 2003

  6:34 AM
Like much of Atlantic Canada, I got hit by Hurricane Juan. Halifax (where I am) took the brunt of it. I'm fine, though, and so are all of my co-workers. Many residential areas (including mine) are still without power - it will be several more days before all of the residential side-streets are restored - but our office and many other businesses are back up and running.

I am working on on-site at Nova Scotia Power these days. I offered my help if there were any GIS tasks to be done that could benefit from another pair of hands. However, in a situation like this, it is the real-time systems like SCADA and OMS that take over, so it turned out that the best thing I could do for them was to continue working on my own project.

Being on-site in their control center, I got a unique perspective on the impressive round-the-clock efforts of NS Power, first to get a handle on how big an event this really was, and then to get the electricity restored as quickly and as safely as possible. It was quite a different view than you would get walking around the desolated Halifax waterfront, but no less profound (to the extent that you can guage profundity when you've just been dazed by the biggest, most damaging storm you've ever seen).
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