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Wednesday, September 10, 2003

  4:25 PM
Well, I looked into it in more detail this evening, and SHPTRANS has quite a lot of Win32-specific code. I guess I made a decision soon after I got things to the proof-of-concept stage, that my target platform would be Intel hardware running Win32 and that my new goal would be not only to make an NTv2 transformer that works, but to make the fastest NTv2 transformer possible, taking full advantage of the capabilities of the target platform. Once I made that decision, I didn't let myself get distracted looking for platform-neutral ways to do things, even where they might not have compromised performance.

Perhaps a goal for the next version will be to remove that constraint, and get the fastest NTv2 and projection capability available for any hardware, targeting something like the Apache Portable Runtime instead of Win32, and to do that without compromising the performance on Win32. However, that's not an overnight job, so for now I guess I'm just going to have to fess up to my client!
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