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AVPython: Python Language Support for ArcView GIS

This is only a summary; the full home page, including application binaries, project history, and source code, may be found at

AVPython embeds the Python programming language within ArcView GIS. By doing this, we can break through most of the barriers to interoperability, scalability, and extensibility that the Avenue developer faces when trying to build a modern application. Unlike Avenue, Python is a real programming language suitable for large-scale collaborative development, yet like Avenue it is easy to use, and very easy to read.

If you have ever wanted to write your own classes or extend existing classes, or wished you could integrate your ArcView app with other system components through TCP/IP, XML, or COM, or more easily share code between projects, then AVPython is for you.

To download AVPython 1.2e, click Click here.

For more information about AVPython, or to check for a more recent version, please visit

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