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My name is Bruce Dodson. I'm a senior GIS consultant with ESRI Canada Limited. I maintain this site in my spare time; it is not funded by my employer, nor is it related directly to my work.

I've been with ESRI Canada since 1995. As a part of their consulting services group, I develop applications, conduct workshops, and coordinate small teams to develop custom solutions (software, data, processes) which help my clients get the most out of their geographic information. For the past several years my focus has been split between two important technology areas: Object-relational database technology (exemplified in ESRI's product line by the Geodatabase); and Internet-enabled mapping and data distribution (e.g. ArcIMS).

In terms of business sectors, I have done a lot of work with electrical utilities in recent years. There has been a surge of interest in support of asset management and outage management systems for electric distribution networks. It just happens that GIS makes a great support infrastructure for these kinds of systems.