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Wednesday, April 28, 2004

  11:50 AM - GIS Developer
Scintilla and SciTE are being updated soon - probably this weekend. This will be the first official release with my Lua support included, so I'm very happy about it. My installer will be updated shortly after.

In terms of Lua, the metadata to support indexable sub-objects (such as a Styles collection) is not included at this time. Note, I didn't implement indexable sub-objects; only the metadata that would be required to support that feature. I will make the code available upon request to anyone who wants to pick it up from there.
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Saturday, April 24, 2004

  1:41 PM - SciTE - Lua Scripting Extensions update
SciTE - Lua Scripting Extensions has been updated. Properties in the iface file (declared as get / set) are now exposed to Lua as properties rather than functions where possible. There is a new high-level interface for searching and iterating through matches, as well as search and replace. This is distributed as a patch, or as a compiled binary. The documentation for these changes, and other smaller changes, is included in the patch.

There are still some places where the Lua iface bindings can be refined further. For example, Neil Hodgson envisions a concept of pane sub-objects, like an indexable Styles collection with style object properties. I put some the metadata in place to support this, but am leaving the Lua binding itself as a project for someone else who wants to get involved. I will help if asked, but it would be greedy of me to hog all the fun.
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Saturday, April 10, 2004

  7:26 AM - Tomcat Servlet Container for ArcIMS
Tomcat Servlet Container for ArcIMS - Richard Beck from U of C proved a new home for this file, which is too big for my personal site and too popular for to host on Tripod since it overruns my free bandwidth quota. However, I just checked the link and I see it no longer works. Thanks to Richard for hosting it for the past month or two; now if someone else can step forward with a "new" new home for it, I'd be much obliged!
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