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Monday, January 05, 2004

  7:14 AM
Tis the season to delete the holiday junk mail.

If I have filters in place that say I don't want to get any email about viagra, do the spammers really think it's all that useful to send me emails about alternatives like vagira and viarga? They've turned misspelling into an art form!

I use a Bayesian filter to cut down on my spam, and I just got my first email that probably not only gets past my filter, but messes up the statistics. It consists of hundreds of real words that are very uncommon in spam. The advertisement itself was only one line, and that line was also broken up by hidden tags:

Ban</chapman>ned C</flint>D Gov</crest>ernment d</retrofit>on't wan</depreciable>t m</windbreak>e t</religion>o s</valois>ell i</ordinal>t. Se</adroit>e N</chancellor>ow *
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